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Faith Hope and Clarity – The English author Carol Margaret Tetlow is a Pinnacle Award Winner

NewPinnacleAward3D2We are delighted to announce that the book of the English author Carol Margaret Tetlow, intitled “Faith Hope and Clarity”, has been chosen one of the NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winners for Summer 2015. Each year, for the past 32 years, NABE, now known as the National Association of Book Entreprenurs, presents some of the finest books published by their members. Award Winners receive: Honor and Mention in an upcoming issue of our bookselling magazine “Book Dealers World”, a Special Pinnacle Award Winners Web Page on their site, a Press Releases announcing the Awards all over the web with links to their Award Winners Web Page, winners can publicize their awards with Stickers on their books and on their websites as well as with beautiful Certificates, winners also get Special Discounts on a Host of Marketing Vehicles.

Having recently from general practice, Carol Margaret Tetlow now spends her time writing. Faith Hope and Clarity is the second novel in a series of four, all based in the same medical practice and following on from her first novel, Out of Practice. She lives in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales with eleven donkeys, two ponies, four labradors, two cats and one very long suffering husband.

About Faith Hope and Clarity:

Few people realise that Faith Faber, seemingly an accomplished doctor is really a shy and insecure person. Her lack of confidence is not helped by the fact that she lives with her critical and overbearing mother, who has never come to terms with her own divorce and who does not approve of Faith’s engagement to the gregarious Jonty.

Faith is delighted to be offered a post at Teviotdale medical centre, one of the partners is on sick leave and soon she meets Pollyanna Smith, a hugely overweight young woman who yearns to be slim, something Faith can sympathise with as she herself has had a constant battle with food for most of her life. But nothing they try seems to help…. well, not Pollyanna anyway.

Will the course of love run smoothly? Will Faith accept who she really is? While her relationship explodes and she is faced with one of the biggest and most difficult diagnoses of her life, Faith discovers who her real friends are makes a huge decision of her own.

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Editions Dedicaces LLC is now one of the sponsors of the radio station: On-Air with Sir (California)

223394_412928822131776_251063401_nOur publishing house, Editions Dedicaces LLC is now one of the sponsors of the radio station: On-Air with Sir (Hollywood, California). In fact, we sponsor the company’s blog. When the team publishes the latest news, gossip & radio interview, they tag the post with our publishing house as a sponsor! Our sponsorship tag will remain on the post for at least 10 years! Sir’s live show is every night from 9p-11p. Listeners can listen via the website (www.OnAirwithSir.com) or on their mobile device by downloading a FREE app called “TUNEIN”.

The radio station On-Air with Sir was created by Sir-Anthony Spease. Sir has been the host of BET’s 106&Park, BET.com & The Center. Also was a host for 100.3 The Beat in Philadelphia. Owner of Exposure Nation, Sircuit & The Youngest In Charge. He is also a life & business coach. Every week Sir visits Skid Row in California to help the homeless. All orders help his mission!


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About Sir-Anthony Spease:

Being the kid I was, I got out as soon as she was out of sight and followed her into the building. As I roamed the building, I walked into a radio station. It was WDRE 103.9, a rock station. The receptionist probably thought I was the child of someone who worked there and I walked into the offices freely. After an hour and a half of exploring I got bored and headed back to the car. On my way there, I found my mom crying on the floor. “I thought someone took you!” she yelled. A man walked into the hallway and saw my mom crying. “Are you OK?” he asked her. “My son is driving me crazy! I don’t know what to do anymore!” “Come in and let me talk to him,” the man said. My mom and I went into the radio station. He sat my mom in the conference room.

“I’ll be right back, try to relax. I’ll talk to him.” He took me into his office. I didn’t like the idea of someone other than my father trying to straighten me out. I threw my hoodie over my head and crossed my arms. “You ain’t my dad,” I thought. The man started with speeches I had heard before: “You can’t do this,” “Life is real,” “Do you want to end up in jail or dead?” Yeah, yeah. Got it. Then this: “How about for every A you get on your report card I’ll give you $75, and for every B, I’ll give you $50 and for every C, D or F, I’ll take money away, and if you get straight honor roll and don’t get in trouble again, I will give you a job here talking on the radio.” My eyes got wide, the hoodie came down. “That’s like, a million dollars!” I thought. “Deal!” I said. A few months later, I came back with nothing but A’s and B’s, got over $750, and started talking on the radio. The guy changed my life and his name was Mic Fox, now an executive at Vevo. Mic and I have been great friends for over ten years now. I see Mic as a big brother and an inspiration. He later got me a job hosting on BET for four years, which gave me a solid foundation in the broadcast industry, a foundation I’m building on now. Read More…

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The publishing house, Editions Dedicaces publishes the new literary magazine, entitled “Publish Today”

PublishToday_2015-09_Cover-SMALLYou can now buy the new monthly magazine of our publishing house, entitled Publish Today. This color magazine is printed on quality paper, 8.5×11 inches (22×28 cm). It has 40 very useful information pages. The magazine is available on the website of Blurb, at the price of $ 8.99 (approximately 8.00 EUR or 5.75 GBP): www.blurb.com/dedicaces. You can also subscribe to receive the magazine each month in PDF format. You‘ll save money and you will have instant access to the magazine! You can subscribe on the website of Gumroad ($ 6 / month, $ 15 / 3 months, $ 24 / 6 months or $ 36 / 12 months): www.gumroad.com/l/XwvEE. You will also have access to the archives.

Here’s what you will find in the first issue of the magazine, Publish Today:

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