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Now available at Editions Dedicaces: « Golden Strings », by Wylie Reed Richardson

ISBN : 978-1-77076-682-2
Format : 184 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Interior Ink : Black & white
Binding : Perfect-bound Paperback

“There is no ‘yesterday’; there is only tomorrow.” Such is the motto of Gary Sapling, a gifted young singer-songwriter from the (make-believe) small town of Panville, California. In the summer of 1974, Gary works a menial job at the local mall, but yearns for stardom. An invitation to visit his uncle Karl is the beginning of Gary’s odyssey.

The two of them make an impromptu visit to San Francisco, at Gary’s urging. Once there, Gary has a chance meeting with a member of the ‘frisco Freedom Collective, a guerilla theatre troupe that lives communally in the city. As the fateful summer unfolds, Gary bonds and moves in with the Collective, becomes involved in a love triangle with two young women, becoming an ‘indie’ movie star, and making the crucial steps towards the thriving musical career of which he has been dreaming.

This novel is mainly influenced by “Hair”, “Almost Famous”, and the “Beat” and other counter-cultural writings of the latter half of the twentieth century.


Wylie Reed Richardson was born in New England, but has called NYC home since childhood. He studied Creative Writing at the New School for Social Resarch, and has free-lance journalism credits ranging from the local publications Our Town, The West Side Spirit, and The New York Planet to the national magazines Scholastic Choices and Tower Video Review.

His parody ‘soap opera’ script “Irrational Dreams” was produced (in workshop format) by The Rising Sun Performance Company in 2002 (in NYC); the script is available on He visited San Francisco for the first time in 2003, and considers it one of his favorite places; Golden Strings was written partially as a tribute to it. His favorite authors are Kerouac, Tolkien, and Hemingway. He can be reached through his facebook and accounts.

PRICE : 15.00 US$

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Now available at Editions Dedicaces: « Invisible Influence », by Larry R. Moran

ISBN : 978-1-77076-680-8
Format : 418 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Interior Ink : Black & white
Binding : Perfect-bound Paperback

Spencer Graves, a midlevel government economist, is in the middle of a divorce and an angrily contested battle to keep custody of his two children when he is sent on a government sponsored trip to Paris to attend an international conference. While there, he has an affair with a beautiful French woman, but when he returns home, the affair is used to blackmail him with threats that he will lose custody of his children and financial stability, he may end up in jail, and his children may be killed.

He bends and then breaks government rules about handling sensitive economic statistics for the apparent financial benefit of stock market investors. However, when his actions send the economy into a recession, Spencer realizes the blackmailer’s motion was darker than financial gain. Linda Wooster, a friend, confidante, and eventual lover, encourages him to track down the blackmailer, and the search leads Spencer back to Paris to locate the woman with whom he had the affair. While in France, Spencer concludes the plot was perpetrated by a foreign government that is set on destroying the U.S. economy and affecting the outcome of a U.S. presidential election. Fearing exposure, the foreign government decides to kill him and his former French mistress. Invisible Influence is the story of human weakness and strength, of passion and love, of suffering and terror, and of the struggle between ideas and the need to do what is right. It’s an international thriller that combines current political and economic developments with a love story, and it builds to a powerful and surprising climax.


Born in Indianapolis, Larry Moran was a newspaper reporter in Indiana for nine years, covering everything from sports to presidential politics and writing a humor column. After graduating from Indiana University in 1970, he moved to the Washington, DC area, where for 33 years, he was an economist, public information officer, and media spokesperson for a federal government agency.

Prior to Invisible Influence, Mr. Moran published three books—Hoosier Hysteria, Sons, and Other Stories, a collection of eight short stories of terror, suspense, mystery, humor, and surprise; Laughing Through Life, a humorous, partially fictionalized autobiography; and Rhyming Love and Laughter, a collection of poetry.

To learn more about Mr. Moran and his writing, visit his webpage at In addition to his love for writing, Mr. Moran is an avid but awful golfer and a tournament bridge player. His other interests include American political history, the history and culture of the American West, baseball, music, and magic.

PRICE : 18.20 US$

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Now available at Editions Dedicaces: « The Angel’s Revenge », by Kane Lesser

ISBN : 978-1-77076-678-5
Format : 414 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Interior Ink : Black & white
Binding : Perfect-bound Paperback

The welcoming beauty of the Aegean Sea, Robbie’s tantalizing company, and the exquisite luxury yacht on which they traveled. It was there were Breck confessed the dark secret of his actions. His dirk’s blade glimmered with the blood of his slaughtered brothers, their final spirit he saw lift from their bodies as he’d sliced them open. Desperate to end the reign of terror, his murderous actions did nothing to quell the horror yet to come. The sighting of his estranged father, the exsanguination of the boat’s captain were the Apocalyptic signs that the worst was awaiting them.

Remarkable turns of events dashed all hope of Breck and Robbie returning to Chicago. Once again seeking shelter at Jean-Philippe’s French chalet, Breck swore Nobel to the secrecy that they would meet Jean-Philippe at the alternative hideout. But when the Frenchman unexpectedly arrived in Chicago to surprise Breck at his expected return, it was only kidnappers that greeted his landing. They demanded all of it – the $100 million dollars that Breck’s mother had willed him upon her untimely death. It was that or the elimination of Jean-Philippe. No negotiation was to be had.

Only Al could have orchestrated this heinous plan, executed to near-perfection. Had he repeated the action nearly 20 years after the disappearance of his family? It was of little consequence. Tracking Al to the Welsh racetrack, Breck quickly learned of their family’s sinister historical tale, spun yarns that unleashed generations of revenge and retaliation. It was not identical blood that coursed their veins and before Breck slit the imposter’s throat with his own dagger, Al claimed innocence to his own grandchildren’s kidnapping.

Determined to free his friend and confront the unknown demons, Breck fights his fear to face the threats that his Chicago home and playground now posed. With the military skills of his Uncle Gracie fortified, the extraction and defense were well underway. Their homecoming and release of Jean-Philippe would unveil the mysteries of his children’s disappearance and even more questionable reappearance.


From the author who brought you her debut novel, The Angel’s Lounge, comes the subsequent thriller, The Angel’s Revenge.

Kane Lesser’s first novel catapulted an extraordinary career in which she has been quickly recognized as an exceptionally talented writer. In addition to this being her third novel published, Kane has earned award-winning recognition for her fictional short stories and her debut novel was voted as one of 2017’s Best Reads by Wild Sound Festival. Her online blog at has reached and humored readers worldwide. Kane Lesser is a native Midwesterner who has recently relocated to the Austin, Texas area to immerse herself in the food and music culture of the city as she continues to write.

Her interests in wine, cars, fashion and travel highlight and enhance her narrative thrillers. A worldwide traveler, Lesser previously lived on the small Channel Island of Guernsey and incorporates her many experiences into stories that have culminated over decades.

PRICE : 18.00 US$

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