Guest Post | Pre-orders announced for “The Wave”, by Lochlan Bloom

ISBN 978-0-9576985-6-7
FORMAT Hardback
DIMENSIONS 220mm x 140mm

Part of Dead Ink’s New Voices 2015 series, The Wave is an upcoming literary fiction novel that blends elements of metaficiton, screenplay and historical fiction.

Partially set in the Canadian province of Alberta, The Wave combines the intertwined stories of μ, an isolated loner, DOWN, a troubled publisher, and David Bohm, a real-life quantum theoretician in post-war São Paulo.

All three of the characters are forced to question the thin line between reality and fiction as they struggle to make sense of the fantastical world around them and their stories become entangled.

The closer each of these trails leads to the dark centre of the world the more reality disintegrates.  Dualities of certainty and doubt, hope and fear, and reason and nonsense drag each of the characters struggling into an absurd, labyrinthine world of seemingly infinite regress.

The novel will be published on January 29th 2016 as part of Dead Ink’s PublishingTheUnderground campaign which combines crowd-funding, membership and specialist author events.

It has already been described as “haunting, existential” and “reminiscent of the best of Kafka mixed with quantum physics. A book you will want to read more than once.” by BookHive and is one of three hotly anticipated debut novels the press will be releasing over the course of the campaign.

The Wave is available for pre-order here:

_MG_1021Latest British literary talent
The press is already looking ahead to next year and this month opened submissions for next year’s list.

“New Voices represents the latest in British literary talent and it is a chance for the previously unheard to be showcased on the Dead Ink platform. What this means is you have to support one of the 2015 authors if you want to be one of next year’s authors. That’s what we’re trying to build with Publishing the Underground – a collaborative organisation that supports new writing across the country,” Nathan Connolly, publishing director of Dead Ink explained.

The first phase of the Publishing the Underground project is a crowd-funding project running until the start of December, when the first book in the series will be published. As well as membership and the various other rewards, readers can of course pre-order the books themselves which are available as limited edition hardbacks.

“It’s a really exciting time to be doing this and we are seeing lots of interest already from some established players. It feels like the time is right for a real shift in the way the industry connects with readers,” Connolly said.

About the author:

Lochlan Bloom is the author of The Wave. The BBC Writersroom describe Bloom’s writing as ‘unsettling and compelling… vivid, taut and grimly effective work’ and he has written for BBC Radio Scotland, H+ Magazine, Ironbox Films, Litro and Calliope amongst others.

For more details visit

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The American author Carlos Rubio got a book review on the website called “A Well Read Woman”

The American author Carlos Rubio got a book review on the website called “A Well Read Woman”: The book review is also published on Goodreads, Amazon, A Well Read Woman Facebook page (1488 followers), April Wood Facebook account (962 friends) and A Well Read Woman Twitter account (1543 followers).

Forgotten Objects is a historical women’s fiction that details the remarkable life of a simple woman named Anna D’Amio. Anna’s life takes several major turns, from Italy, to Cuba, and finally the United States. She escapes war, marries three times, experiences love and loss, and births twin daughters. All along, love keeps her going, and the acceptance of whatever fate has to offer her. She seizes multiple opportunities, and meets people along the way who leave an indelible impact on her life.

While a fictitious story, Forgotten Objects is rich with political and social history and can be enjoyed by history buffs and fans of women’s fiction alike.

Here what April Wood wrote about the book:

My initial impression was that this was Anna’s mother, Francesca’s story, as until chapter 4, the story detailed Francesca’s background. Upon reading further, I realized that the author has a love for backstory, as every character, no matter how minor, had a complete detailed history. While I appreciated the attention to detail, sometimes it was a bit much…. (Did I really need to know the entire life story of the Priest who married Anna and Giacoma?)

Fortunately, I liked the characters, (yes even Benito, the former fighter turned Priest), and was met with a bit of nostalgia when they were reintroduced into the plot later in the story. It is probably of no surprise, that my favorite character was Anna, who seemed so simple and yet led such an impactful life. I was impressed with her abilities to bounce back from tragedy, and always managed to land on her feet. Her story is inspiring.

My favorite scene in this novel was when she was preparing for her wedding to Harold, and she receives a letter from someone from her past. I am being vague in order not to reveal any spoilers, but I was surprised with the decision she made. I thought for sure she would reunite with this person! Actually, I wanted this to happen!

This story isn’t predictable in the sense that you know what will happen next, but it does follow a historical timetable, bringing fact to fiction. I would recommend this novel to fans of historical fiction, with a strong emphasis on a woman’s life experiences.

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Faith Hope and Clarity – The English author Carol Margaret Tetlow is a Pinnacle Award Winner

NewPinnacleAward3D2We are delighted to announce that the book of the English author Carol Margaret Tetlow, intitled “Faith Hope and Clarity”, has been chosen one of the NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winners for Summer 2015. Each year, for the past 32 years, NABE, now known as the National Association of Book Entreprenurs, presents some of the finest books published by their members. Award Winners receive: Honor and Mention in an upcoming issue of our bookselling magazine “Book Dealers World”, a Special Pinnacle Award Winners Web Page on their site, a Press Releases announcing the Awards all over the web with links to their Award Winners Web Page, winners can publicize their awards with Stickers on their books and on their websites as well as with beautiful Certificates, winners also get Special Discounts on a Host of Marketing Vehicles.

Having recently from general practice, Carol Margaret Tetlow now spends her time writing. Faith Hope and Clarity is the second novel in a series of four, all based in the same medical practice and following on from her first novel, Out of Practice. She lives in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales with eleven donkeys, two ponies, four labradors, two cats and one very long suffering husband.

About Faith Hope and Clarity:

Few people realise that Faith Faber, seemingly an accomplished doctor is really a shy and insecure person. Her lack of confidence is not helped by the fact that she lives with her critical and overbearing mother, who has never come to terms with her own divorce and who does not approve of Faith’s engagement to the gregarious Jonty.

Faith is delighted to be offered a post at Teviotdale medical centre, one of the partners is on sick leave and soon she meets Pollyanna Smith, a hugely overweight young woman who yearns to be slim, something Faith can sympathise with as she herself has had a constant battle with food for most of her life. But nothing they try seems to help…. well, not Pollyanna anyway.

Will the course of love run smoothly? Will Faith accept who she really is? While her relationship explodes and she is faced with one of the biggest and most difficult diagnoses of her life, Faith discovers who her real friends are makes a huge decision of her own.

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