The Boy Who Couldn’t Cry Wolf, by Caldric Blackwell

“The Boy Who Couldn’t Cry Wolf,” a picture book by Caldric Blackwell, has a fascinating plot, detailed illustrations, and humorous characters that make it the perfect choice for a bedtime story.

One of the things I really love about this story is the plot. The story follows Byron, a young werewolf, as he tries to learn how to howl. I really enjoyed the many funny characters (a werewolf mayor, for instance) in the story.

My daughter laughed a number of the times as we read the story. The whimsical illustrations in this picture book really contribute to the story.

Another thing I enjoyed about this children’s book is that it teaches a valuable lesson about believing in yourself and not carrying about what others think.

This picture book was made that much more enjoyable by the fact that I got it for free as a Kindle Unlimited subscriber! If you want to check out this picture book, visit the author’s website (

The Boy Who Couldn’t Cry Wolf is available at Amazon:

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