The Waiting Game: An Easy Way to Find Local Savings

Everyone loves a deal and The Waiting Game provides some of the best value that can be found in your local area! Easily locate a variety of coupons and savings in your area for a wide range of goods and services – restaurants, automotive, travel & entertainment, services, retail, and more! The Waiting Game® is a free, full-color, interactive, incentive-based, monthly publication distributed anywhere consumers experience wait times… doctors’ offices, dentists’ offices, hair salons, local schools, hotels, take-out restaurants, mom’s clubs, car washes, dealerships, laundromats, dance studios, martial arts centers, gymnastics clubs, and many more…

The Waiting Game has crosswords, Sudoku, word find, interesting facts, and puzzles… plus incentives, offers, and value for consumers to take home. The Waiting Game is intended to stimulate the minds of consumers and their families while they wait and to provide valuable offers for them to take home. The goal of The Waiting Game is to engage, entertain, and provide value everywhere within the local community to maximize enjoyment for the readers and exposure for the advertisers 365 days a year.

Why is The WAITING GAME such an effective advertising vehicle?

Statistics indicate that most businesses attract 80% or more of the clients from their immediate area or “core market.” The Waiting Game is found at multiple locations throughout that area from which most businesses draw the majority of their customers—a 3-5 mile radius around the business—thereby ensuring that your target market of customers is being reached.

As you may know, it typically takes a reader 7-13 times seeing an advertisement before it registers. Of course, this is based on publications such as newspapers and magazines where the average consumer spends 7 seconds on a page before flipping to the next. The Waiting Game was designed to drive interaction with the inclusion of games and puzzles, thus increasing the chances that your ad will be remembered!

The Waiting Game drives more interaction than most other print media vehicles

  • Average Sudoku completion times range from 14-35 minutes
  • Average Crossword completion times range from 30-90 minutes

The Waiting Game reaches the target audience—consumers who are out and about within their local communities. The Waiting Game is not a direct mail piece, where 20% goes to waste as a result of high vacancy rates and foreclosures. The Waiting Game is not “junk mail” that gets thrown away before it is even looked at. The Waiting Game is a unique vehicle that is visually pleasing and picked up by consumers who are held captive waiting for a service. The games and puzzles mean that consumers take The Waiting Game with them and look at it again and again. The Waiting Game has become known both for its entertainment as well as its value.

Consumers voluntarily pick up the publication and take it home with them for all of the local savings, games, and puzzles! The Waiting Game is published monthly in Florida, Arizona, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Prince Edward Island, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Georgia, and British Columbia (Canada), but they are adding new editions all of the time. Each edition is hand delivered by a franchisee to each waiting area within your community.

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