The advertising of Editions Dedicaces is broadcasted worldwide on the TV show West Coast Praze

The advertising of Editions Dedicaces is broadcasted worldwide on the TV show West Coast Praze. This show reaches millions. It currently air on 80 networks in the US and in 10 countries on BEN Television and in Florida on UTV to over 300,000.

The advertising of Editions Dedicaces is broadcasted worldwide on the TV show West Coast Praze. Our publishing house announce 10 books on the show with a 30 seconds collective commercial. The spot will air for ONE YEAR (12 months) on the TV show West Coast Praze that currently airs on over 80 channels in the US and in 10 countries on BEN Television. The TV show also air in Florida on Urban Television (300,000 viewers). West Coast Praze air on Global Music TV Network, on VPN TV in Texas (covers 4 cities), on Son Broadcasting in New Mexico and on Footprint TV. The audience consists of faith loving families and individuals.

Here is a breakdown of how the show air: On the Global Music TV platform the TV show air continuously every day for 24 hours per day. On that platform you are guaranteed to air at least 5 times per day. On West Coast Praze they air 3 times per week in the UK on Ben Television. The 30 second commercial will air twice per episode. In Florida they air daily at least once per day and sometimes three times per day depending on the programming. The TV show air every Monday night on The Walk TV on over 80 channels across the US (see the list of the channels). The TV show also air on (the largest online TV website) and on Son Broadcasting in New Mexico which airs prime time on all cable, satellite and OTA platforms across the whole State.


Global Music TV: Global Music TV Network is a family friendly Music TV Network where you will find the best Pop, Jazz, Gospel, Acapella, Country, Educational and Holiday music videos and performances without profanity or indecency. Families can enjoy music television again! Current content includes the Beyond the Lyrics 30 minute TV show, West Coast Praze Gospel Music TV show, Elements of Jazz TV show, LA JAZZ TV show, and Gemma Wenger’s Hollywood. There are also educational Jazz Piano master classes with Dave Frank and the Drum clinic with Steve Sargent. And of course, great music videos.

BEN Television: The first ethnic oriented and African-caribbean satellite channel in Europe, broadcasting from London. It is the leading channel for Nigerians’ elections, events and West African number as well as the most watched for Africans. The caribbean contents on the channel are mostly live and interactive. In term of Europeans policies and programmes, the channel delivers most and a leading one for the Olympics within the genre and ethnic communities.

The Walk TV: TheWALKtv is a nationwide television network designed to educate viewers “to better comprehend and appreciate their rich Judeo-Christian legacy and to apply such principles to their daily lives.” TheWALKtv formerly, LegacyTV, launched on January 11, 2010 and is seen via hundreds of affiliated stations across the United States (see affiliates). It We hope you are enriched by the programming of theWALKtv and welcome your comments (watch it live on FilmOn).

Urban Television: Urban Television (Florida) is a public, independent network, transmitting programming intended to inform with cultural values. UTV serves the Urban community with family friendly programming, reaching millions of households via digital television, Internet and mobile distributions. Featuring a mix of popular: ​urban ministries, musical entertainment, television series, theatrical and made-for-television movies, day and night time dramas, sitcoms, news, talk, and political forums that affect our community. UTV is pioneering the development of portable, mobile, and out-of-home transmission technology using the over-the-air digital television spectrum to serve the under served.

VPN-TVVPN TV in Texas: VPN broadcasts on cable channel 18, daily in the Tyler/Whitehouse Texas area. VPN also broadcasts on cable channel 21 in the Frankston and Chandler Texas. Our broadcasts are available in more than 56,000 households. Our programming is focused on uplifting the entire community. We at VPN are concerned about our community and know the importance of providing knowledge about every aspect of life. It is our desire to be a source of media that is trusted, timely and effective. We currently broadcast 105 shows a week.

SonBroadcastingSon Broadcasting: Son Broadcasting Network is a family of stations working together to bring hope, encouragement and entertainment to New Mexico. Through the radio broadcast of KDAZ, a public awareness campaign was launched to raise the funds to form the nation’s first full-power Christian TV station, KCHF Channel 11. Now, 30 years later, Son Broadcasting Network partners with other great stations including KYNM TV to cover the full spectrum of needs throughout the Land of Enchantment. Son Broadcasting Network airs prime time on all cable, satellite and OTA platforms across the whole State. FilmOn is a free Internet-based television service allowing remote computer viewing of local TV worldwide. It licenses more than 600 additional channels plus 90,000 video-on-demand titles. Its library includes the Cinebx and Allied film libraries. It also allows users to create their own live and VOD channels. Channel lineup varies in each country where it can be received. In 2010, FilmOn launched a streaming internet TV service for mobile devices. claims to launch an additional over the air distribution model with FilmOn AIR, a portable tuner that brings over-the-air HD channels to mobile devices and computers. In May 2012, FilmOn announced the launch of its Facebook app.


The authors who participate in this advertising:

  1. Louis J. Feinstein & Nancy Genovese (Swords of David)
  2. Gary McGinnis (Good for One Ride)
  3. Jean-Louis Riguet (Augustin. My Battle of Loigny)
  4. Thierry Rollet (Two sacred monsters. Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi)
  5. Carol Margaret Tetlow (Out of Practice)
  6. Marcienne Martin (Words and Fiction)
  7. André Daigle (Change your Thinking)
  8. Danny Gwira (Goju: The Roar of the Tigress. The real self-defense for women only)
  9. Judy Bruce (Voices in the Wind)
  10. Carol Margaret Tetlow (Faith Hope and Clarity)
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