“Only Fate Is Written” is definitely a must have, due to the meaningful content you will get by reading it

The English author CB Barrie got an important review for his new book entitled “Only Fate Is Written” on the very popular website called AuthorsDen, United States. AuthorsDen is focused on re-creating the historical face-to-face author and reader relationship where authors create, share, interact with each other and sell direct to their readers, but this time rather than taking place in a town square or temple it takes place online throughout the world. AuthorsDen‘s mission is to bring together the world’s Authors and Readers making the discovery and purchase of content useful, direct and personal. It focuses on delivering the best author promotion and personal discovery of content on the web. Through innovative advanced technologies and by listening and re-acting to the needs of Authors and Readers.

Here is the Book Review:

Our lives tend to be rather cluttered, and we are often left without the small pleasures of life, like enjoying a good book and a great cup of tea. Is it because time, schedule or out constant run to get what we need to move on with our lives. Still, the author CB Barrie came with the best solution, which will satisfy even the book enthusiasts and readers with the narrowest schedule. A compendium of 25 short stories might be exactly what you are looking for, to enjoy reading without spending too much time. You can enjoy one or two stories per day, in the lunch break, in the bus on your way to work, or even in the evening, before going to bed.

Only-Fate-Written_ScibdShort stories are great when the time is a problem since you won’t risk of getting carried away. The short story will end at some point, allowing you to resume your daily activities. But, the short stories of CB Barrie are more than a gathering of lines meant to take your time. They might appear conventional, but they always have a subtle message to transmit. Not to mention that the title is often confusing, letting the reader expect something else then he will by reading the short story’s lines. Still, if we take a better thought about the title and the content, we will eventually make a connection between them. The author did not haste when he wrote these short stories, creating them in the shape of fortune cookies, each having a hidden message or aspect in it.

So we can say that these stories are very much like a delicacy. We can see how it looks, but we will always be surprised by the taste. This is why these stories go so well with a cup of tea, in those short moments you have to enjoy on your own. So don’t miss the chance of reading these short stories. You free time will be split in half while doing it. First half you will spend actually reading the story, and the second half you will ponder on the real meaning of it. And they do have the ability to unlock some of your brain chambers you forget over time, working like a mental stimulator. Very few books have the capacity to do so in modern days.

The market is flooded with extended novels, so we rarely find an excellent collection of short stories. Many people stop reading because they don’t have the time to go through an entire novel. They read one chapter, and by the time they start reading the next one, days or weeks later, they already forgot what happened in their previous reading session. Thus, short stories will avoid that from happening since each story is not long, and it has its characters and particular action. And “Only Fate Is Written” is definitely a must have, due to the quality and meaningful content you will get by reading it.

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One thought on ““Only Fate Is Written” is definitely a must have, due to the meaningful content you will get by reading it

  1. The blurb refers to 25 short stories in ‘Only Fate Is Written’ – as you note at the bottom of the page, there are 32! Likewise, the title is not ‘confusing’, if anything it is enigmatic, and is a play on the famous line spoken by Peter o’Tool in the film Lawrence of Arabia who being told that a native tribesman is destined to die because ‘It is written’ rescues him and retorts that ‘Nothing is written’.

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