The publishing house, Editions Dedicaces publishes the new literary magazine, entitled “Publish Today”

PublishToday_2015-09_Cover-SMALLYou can now buy the new monthly magazine of our publishing house, entitled Publish Today. This color magazine is printed on quality paper, 8.5×11 inches (22×28 cm). It has 40 very useful information pages. The magazine is available on the website of Blurb, at the price of $ 8.99 (approximately 8.00 EUR or 5.75 GBP): You can also subscribe to receive the magazine each month in PDF format. You‘ll save money and you will have instant access to the magazine! You can subscribe on the website of Gumroad ($ 6 / month, $ 15 / 3 months, $ 24 / 6 months or $ 36 / 12 months): You will also have access to the archives.

Here’s what you will find in the first issue of the magazine, Publish Today:

Musing on Creative Writing Peak Experiences: Food in the Belly, Reverie, and Fire / How to Write a Persuasive Essay /Making Content Marketing Really Work For You / Editions Dedicaces LLC is now a member of the professional network PubMatch / Smashwords and OverDrive to Bring 200,000+ Indie Ebooks to 20,000+ Public Libraries / The publishing house, Editions Dedicaces is a member of The Association of Publishers for Special Sales / Are We Creating Too Much Information For Online Viewers? / How Copy Writing and Blogging Share Similarities / A conversation with Carol Margaret Tetlow, author of “Out of Practice” / Different Types of Printing / How to Write a Bio for a Social Media Profile / Flash Fiction Is A Style Of Fictional Literature Or Fiction Of Extreme Brevity (…..)

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