Editions Dedicaces LLC is now one of the sponsors of the radio station: On-Air with Sir (California)

223394_412928822131776_251063401_nOur publishing house, Editions Dedicaces LLC is now one of the sponsors of the radio station: On-Air with Sir (Hollywood, California). In fact, we sponsor the company’s blog. When the team publishes the latest news, gossip & radio interview, they tag the post with our publishing house as a sponsor! Our sponsorship tag will remain on the post for at least 10 years! Sir’s live show is every night from 9p-11p. Listeners can listen via the website (www.OnAirwithSir.com) or on their mobile device by downloading a FREE app called “TUNEIN”.

The radio station On-Air with Sir was created by Sir-Anthony Spease. Sir has been the host of BET’s 106&Park, BET.com & The Center. Also was a host for 100.3 The Beat in Philadelphia. Owner of Exposure Nation, Sircuit & The Youngest In Charge. He is also a life & business coach. Every week Sir visits Skid Row in California to help the homeless. All orders help his mission!


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About Sir-Anthony Spease:

Being the kid I was, I got out as soon as she was out of sight and followed her into the building. As I roamed the building, I walked into a radio station. It was WDRE 103.9, a rock station. The receptionist probably thought I was the child of someone who worked there and I walked into the offices freely. After an hour and a half of exploring I got bored and headed back to the car. On my way there, I found my mom crying on the floor. “I thought someone took you!” she yelled. A man walked into the hallway and saw my mom crying. “Are you OK?” he asked her. “My son is driving me crazy! I don’t know what to do anymore!” “Come in and let me talk to him,” the man said. My mom and I went into the radio station. He sat my mom in the conference room.

“I’ll be right back, try to relax. I’ll talk to him.” He took me into his office. I didn’t like the idea of someone other than my father trying to straighten me out. I threw my hoodie over my head and crossed my arms. “You ain’t my dad,” I thought. The man started with speeches I had heard before: “You can’t do this,” “Life is real,” “Do you want to end up in jail or dead?” Yeah, yeah. Got it. Then this: “How about for every A you get on your report card I’ll give you $75, and for every B, I’ll give you $50 and for every C, D or F, I’ll take money away, and if you get straight honor roll and don’t get in trouble again, I will give you a job here talking on the radio.” My eyes got wide, the hoodie came down. “That’s like, a million dollars!” I thought. “Deal!” I said. A few months later, I came back with nothing but A’s and B’s, got over $750, and started talking on the radio. The guy changed my life and his name was Mic Fox, now an executive at Vevo. Mic and I have been great friends for over ten years now. I see Mic as a big brother and an inspiration. He later got me a job hosting on BET for four years, which gave me a solid foundation in the broadcast industry, a foundation I’m building on now. Read More…

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