The American author Carlos Rubio got a book review on the website called “A Well Read Woman”

The American author Carlos Rubio got a book review on the website called “A Well Read Woman”: The book review is also published on Goodreads, Amazon, A Well Read Woman Facebook page (1488 followers), April Wood Facebook account (962 friends) and A Well Read Woman Twitter account (1543 followers).

Forgotten Objects is a historical women’s fiction that details the remarkable life of a simple woman named Anna D’Amio. Anna’s life takes several major turns, from Italy, to Cuba, and finally the United States. She escapes war, marries three times, experiences love and loss, and births twin daughters. All along, love keeps her going, and the acceptance of whatever fate has to offer her. She seizes multiple opportunities, and meets people along the way who leave an indelible impact on her life.

While a fictitious story, Forgotten Objects is rich with political and social history and can be enjoyed by history buffs and fans of women’s fiction alike.

Here what April Wood wrote about the book:

My initial impression was that this was Anna’s mother, Francesca’s story, as until chapter 4, the story detailed Francesca’s background. Upon reading further, I realized that the author has a love for backstory, as every character, no matter how minor, had a complete detailed history. While I appreciated the attention to detail, sometimes it was a bit much…. (Did I really need to know the entire life story of the Priest who married Anna and Giacoma?)

Fortunately, I liked the characters, (yes even Benito, the former fighter turned Priest), and was met with a bit of nostalgia when they were reintroduced into the plot later in the story. It is probably of no surprise, that my favorite character was Anna, who seemed so simple and yet led such an impactful life. I was impressed with her abilities to bounce back from tragedy, and always managed to land on her feet. Her story is inspiring.

My favorite scene in this novel was when she was preparing for her wedding to Harold, and she receives a letter from someone from her past. I am being vague in order not to reveal any spoilers, but I was surprised with the decision she made. I thought for sure she would reunite with this person! Actually, I wanted this to happen!

This story isn’t predictable in the sense that you know what will happen next, but it does follow a historical timetable, bringing fact to fiction. I would recommend this novel to fans of historical fiction, with a strong emphasis on a woman’s life experiences.

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