The author Imoh Son of David got an interview on ipmNaton radio, in Manchester (United States)

Son of DavidThe Nigerian author Imoh Son of David has been interviewed on ipmNaton radio, in Manchester (United States). Imoh “Son of David” is the author of the book entitled “The Ultimate Curse On Mankind“, published at Editions Dedicaces. Once dubbed by a local blogger in his home country “the Bertrand Russell of Africa”, Imoh is an artist and a publisher of a local entertainment magazine in his Home country Nigeria. A lover of science, Imoh is an outspoken activist and a humanist who has engaged countless times in debates, speech and writings against organized religion, superstitions, bad politics and brings deep argument and philosophy into social issues. As an artist and a writer, he appreciates the aesthetics and intellectual pursuit.

Imoh Son of David was interviewed by Matt Connarton on his radio show Matt Connarton Unleashed on last Monday, 11pm EST.

  • Listen to the interview below or on ipmNaton radio website.

About “The Ultimate Curse On Mankind”:

A lot of great thinkers seem to always have contention with religious beliefs; David Hume, Voltaire, Sigmund Freud, Bertrand Russell, Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, Carl Sagan, Elizabeth Anderson, Emma Goldman, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, and many others have refused to give room to unsubstantiated beliefs and superstitions. And the battle of reason and delusion is not about to end anytime soon.

The “Ultimate Curse on Mankind” by Imoh “Son of David” is the modern expression of this age long fight between reason and superstition. With a masterpiece of a powerful delivery with the ink, the book can make even the most religious monk denounce faith and sack any preacher from the pulpit.

Revisiting faith, prayer, after-life and all that is of theology, the author, Imoh “Son of David” has join the league of the aforementioned thinkers in suffering theology a defeating blow. Bringing preachers and religious leaders to the cleaners, the Ultimate Curse On Mankind exposes the vices of religion, the modern day preacher of their con and avarice, and the believer of their comforting hypocrisy and delusion.

Born in the most religious country on earth, Nigeria, the author has a first hand experience and understanding of the poisonous psychology sponsored by religious ideologies. His assault of sarcasm which he brings with the ink can evoke both laughter and embarrassment to the reader.

Imploring deep thinking and out of the box perspective, those who are undecided on their faith are bound to make a convincing decision after a good read from the book.

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