May 12, 6-8 pm – Canadian author Geza Tatrallyay will read from his memoir, The Expo Affair

Canadian author Geza Tatrallyay will read from his memoir, The Expo Affair, the second book in his Cold War Escape series, published by Guernica Editions under its MiroLand Imprint. This is a narrative memoir of international intrigue and romance that took place in the exotic setting of Expo ’70 in Osaka, Japan. As a host at the Ontario Pavilion, the author, Geza Tatrallyay, was approached by three Czechoslovak hostesses who wanted to defect to Canada. What follows are his efforts to make their wish come true. Notables such as former Prime Minister Trudeau, External Affairs Minister Mitchell Sharp and General George Kitching play a role, as do individuals who have since become prominent in Canada as businessmen, artists and ambassadors..

For the Children, the first book in the series is the story of his own escape from Hungary during the Revolution in 1956 and subsequent immigration to Canada. This was published last year, as was his collection of poetry, Cello’s Tears. Six months earlier, Twisted Reasons, the first book in a trilogy of thrillers was published by Aylmer-based Deux Voiliers Publishing. Geza has another thriller to be released later this year, as well as a second collection of poetry.

I_0411Geza was born in Hungary, and after immigrating to Canada, grew up in Toronto. He studied at Harvard University, taking a year off to work at Expo’70 in Japan. After Harvard, a Rhodes Scholarship took him to Oxford University and the London School of Economics and Politics. In 1976, Geza was a member of the Canadian Olympic as a fencer, where he helped a Romanian-Hungarian fencer defect to Canada, which forms the subject of the work-in-progress third memoir in the Cold War Escape series. His career has spanned government, international organizations, corporate and investment banking, venture capital and environmental finance.

Geza has lived in many different places, including Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, New York, London, Budapest, Vienna, Bordeaux and Montevideo and currently resides in Barnard, Vermont. Geza is married, has two children, and a grandson and another one on the way.

Book Launch: The Expo Affair, May 12, 6-8 pm
Bertrand Bookstore
430 Rue Saint Pierre
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

For more about Geza Tatrallyay, visit his website at

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