The Book of the Month on Women Connect Online website : Out of Practice, by Carol Margaret Tetlow

The author Carol Margaret Tetlow got a first article for her book “Out of Practice” on the website Women Connect Online, Canada. Women Connect Online is dedicated to women and their families. Women Connect Online has a global reach: 90% Women/10% Men ; 70% visitors live in the USA, 20% visitors from Canada or United Kingdom and 10% from other Countries. 40% discover the site via search engine, social media or referral from another website and 60% are familiar with the brand and visit the website directly. Here is the article that was published on the website Women Connect Online:

The first novel by Carol Margaret Tetlow: Out of Practice, just released by Editions Dedicaces. “Out of Practice is the first in a series of four novels, all based in the same family practice. The protagonist in each is a different doctor. While I have since written two stand alone novels, I’m now re-visiting the original series and planning the fifth novel”, said the author. Here is the synopsis:

Clare Jennings is a popular, hardworking general practitioner. A perfectionist, she puts her patients and work above all else, including her psychiatrist husband, David.

The arrival of Sam Curtis, a young doctor whose training Clare is responsible for adds to her already enormous workload and as they grow closer, Clare finds that her life, both professional and private is beginning to fall apart. Arguments at home, bad clinical judgements, complaints and betrayal compound Clare’s guilt and feeling of worthlessness as she spirals deeper and deeper into depression.

Will she be saved before it is too late?


Rebecca Owen wrote about this book on “I was lucky enough to read this novel before it was published and it is a wonderful read. You are hooked from the start with likeable characters and an engaging story. The medical aspects are true to life and accurate and you care about what happens to the people. A great read MORE MORE MORE please.”

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Out of Practice, by Carol Margaret Tetlow

PRICE : 19.99 US$


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