Andreas F. von Recum received a review for his book “Motorcycle Dreams” on Write Like A Wizard

The author Andreas F. von Recum received a review for his new book entitled “Motorcycle Dreams” on the website Write Like A Wizard:

The author reports on his livelong involvement with motorcycles. At first and immediately after WWII in Germany, motorcycles and their smaller cousins mopeds were necessary means of transportation. Beginning in the late sixties and due to increasing living standards for many, motorcycles gave way to small cars and the motorcycle industry almost collapsed in the western world. Amazingly, with ever increasing living standards, motorcycles experienced a revival as a sport and hobby for increasing numbers of mechanically gifted enthusiasts.

The author, now living in Ohio picked up motorcycling in the seventies again. When he retired in 2006, he purchased an old BMW-sidecar combination as a retirement hobby, building on his experience with a rig he owned in the early sixties. Later he purchased a Honda touring bike to replace the aging BMW rig. Over a six-year period, he explored Ohio’s lesser known architectural and landscape beauties, just perfect for the touring motorcycle connoisseur.

The Facebook Account of Write Like A Wizard totals more than 5,380 members, and Twitter has over 12,000 members. The same article is also published on “The Book Nymph Publishing & Promotions” website. The book “Motorcycle Dreams” is available at Amazon:

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