Legal certificate to demonstrate your rights

Just open your account and register your first copyright certificate to test our service. Try it for free. It’s one of the best way protect your work against copiers all over the world.

Whether your work is a website, novel, photograph, poem or musical composition, it can be demonstrated that your copyright has been published with to a specific date and a significant part of your creation is securely protected in our archiving system.

Nobody can use your work without your permission

If somebody else puts her/his name on your work, your copyright will be your best ownership proof and will be your best information source to claim your rights.

About CopyrightDeposit

The copyright service is based on Bern Convention, an international agreement on copyright law signed by more than 164 countries. Since 2003, CopyrightDeposit quickly gained recognition as one of the most efficient and least expensive copyright publishing and archiving services on the internet.

CopyrightDeposit are offering a permanent record of your creative work as well as a secure storage of your copyrighted material.

If the users should go to court to defend their rights against a copier, CopyrightDeposit provide at no charge, a copyright certificate signed by us that can be used as evidence, plus all files and documents received from the author, including drafts and final version of his copyrighted work. See rules for details.

CopyrightDeposit postal address:
13385, 44e avenue
St-Georges, QC, Canada

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