The American radio host, Ed Tyll death threat the French-Canadian publisher, Guy Boulianne

TheEdTyllShow-01On June 5, the controversial radio host, Edward Tyll, made death threats against the French-Canadian publisher, Guy Boulianne (founder of Editions Dedicaces), aired on the American radio The Ed Tyll Show. The Canadian publisher had hired Mr. Tyll from the Fiverr.com platform to interview one of his authors residing in Ireland. During the 15 minutes that preceded the interview, Ed Tyll threw his venom on the publisher, shamelessly lying about him and defaming him in the public arena. Without any reason Ed Tyll threw his aggressiveness against Mr. Boulianne, saying on the air:

« One week from today I’m gona be at the National Association of Radio Talk Show Hosts. I will take a selfie with your corps and walk all over the place and say “Look who I killed last week on my show”. We will have a good laugh over you. (…) Get the f**k out of here! Why you are here?! The longer I can see you, the more I want to kill you! » Although he did not name Guy Boulianne on the air, the evidence is that these words of extraordinary violence address directly to the Canadian publisher.

The news went around the world. Several radio talked about this issue in the United States and Canada: Iron Range Country Radio (Minnesota, USA), NLD Radio (Atlanta, USA), Digital Mayhem Radio (Ontario, Canada), 92.7 Stittsville Radio FM (Ontario, Canada), BEACH 105.1 (Daytona, Florida, USA), Jiggy Jaguar Radio show (Kansas, USA).


The news was picked up by several media, including several major newspapers: The Association of Publishers for Specials Sales, The Book Marketing Network, L’Atelier des Médias (Radio France International), Journal Voir (Quebec, Canada), NLD Solutions (Atlanta, USA), 30a.TV (Florida, USA), Le Courrier de Floride (page 5), Wall Street Select, Mercury News, Miami Herald, Daily Herald, Star Tribune, The Boston GlobeSan Bernardino County Sun, Santa Cruz Sentinel(see the report).

30a Television (Florida) currently broadcasts the news on its website and on a very large network in the United States and worldwide. The news went to Brazil, since the journalist Vinicius Covas wrote an important article about it. This article was published in portuguese on the websites ViniciusCovas.com and Great Latin America (Brazil). The same article was translated into English and published on the website News in your Pocket. Here is the article:

Ed-Tyll_BannedBy Vinicius Covas Nowadays, anyone can have their own radio station and it is already more than clear that it is not always a good thing. Bringing the power of voice to those who do not know what to say can only lead to unpleasant results. On the day of June 5th, the controversial American host, Edward Tyll decided to make death threats against the French-Canadian publisher, Guy Boulianne, who is the founder of the publishing house Editions Dedicaces (www.dedicaces.us). The program was on the radio in the US, on the The Ed Tyll Show.

The negotiation for the radio spot happened through the Fiverr.com platform. Guy Boulianne contracted the services of Edward Tyll, or Ed Tyll, so he would interview one of his authors residing in Ireland. So that the supposed interview was made, Edward Tyll, the presenter, created an atmosphere in which the listener might believe that the respondent was in the studio with him, when in fact he was in Montreal, Canada. In these times of Internet, where anyone can take advantage of these elements and be a journalist of only so many years of experience, communication is also distorted and the results backfire, reaching the good old radio as the news that technology can give us.

During the 15 minutes before the interview, the “radio” (in quotes) promoted a horror show in its program, accusing the respondent to be harassing the presenter. Ed Tyll went on to say that he would cancel the program and that he wanted to “strangle Guy Boulianne with his own hands and take a selfie with the body and drag him”,  saying “look who I killed last week in my show”.

Breaking up the case, the publisher held a formal complaint against the presenter in the American and Canadian police. The original audio and video of the event is available at the end of this note.

The publishing house Editions Dedicaces has an excellent international reputation. It was founded in 2009 in Montreal, and includes authors from various countries such as France, Switzerland, Belgium, Serbia, England, Ireland, Argentina, Republic of Congo, the United States and Canada.


breaking news grunge retro blue isolated ribbon stampBreaking News – On June 23, the radio host on Jiggy Jaguar Radio show, James Lowe did an interview with Adam Swart, Director of Marketing at Fiverr.com. Dishonesty and questionable actions of the radio host, Ed Tyll were highlighted and brought to light. Less than 24 hours after this interview, the account of Edward Tyll on Fiverr was finally closed.

It also followed the formal complaints that Guy Boulianne filed against Ed Tyll. It is a first victory for the publisher and Editions Dedicaces.

On June 25, James Lowe took over the microphone to speak again of the offender radio host Ed Tyll. Mr Lowe said that he, himself, received death threats from Edward Tyll in the past! It is clear that the words of Ed Tyll far outweigh the freedom of speech and freedom of the press. You can listen to the words of James Lowe after the interview of Adam Swart, Director of Marketing at Fiverr.com.

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Edward Tyll has talked about Editions Dedicaces LLC all the afternoon on The Ed Tyll Show across America

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Loyal listeners have enjoyed Ed Tyll on WABC New York, KABC Los Angeles, WLUP Chicago, WTKS Orlando, WBT Charlotte, WKRK Detroit, WWDB Philadelphia, KYNG Dallas, WORC Boston, WINZ Miami, KSDO San Diego, KQBZ Seattle, KTRS St.Louis, KOTK Portland, KNST Las Vegas, WGST Atlanta, CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, TV 56 Merrillville, News Max, China Central News, Star Com Radio Network and other great Radio TV and Live Stream outlets. Ed Tyll entertains truck drivers, commuters, small business operators, parents, teachers on his award winning, long running nationwide Talk Radio Show.

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