Now available at Editions Dedicaces: « Getting Over Emotional Suffering », by Tony Nwoye

ISBN : 978-1-77076-672-3
Format : 322 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Interior Ink : Black & white
Binding : Perfect-bound Paperback

Life is a two-way thing: one of distress, one of laughter. Sometimes in life, we tend to be in certain situations that make it too difficult to cope.

However, one thing is certain, no matter the pains we go through in life; we have within ourselves capabilities to get over it.

Amongst pains in this life, the most difficult ones are emotional ones. We can live through bodily pains but not emotional distress. Fact about life is that we cannot live without being in certain difficult situations.

Most of the time, those hurtful situations come to pass messages in our lives, to prepare our minds for the task ahead.

Life can be unfair sometimes. Life can be unlivable sometimes, but we should understand that whatever we are passing through would contribute to our well-being.

If we die over that situation, then we become unfit to live. However, if we gather strength from within, stand the gruesomeness of that situation, we will understand life in its deepest, such will teach us things we cannot learn from classroom.

This book focuses on recovering, healing from terrible situations. This work seeks to unravel mysteries of life, teaching us what it means to live truly, being able to cope with any situation however horrible it seems.


I have background in philosophy, psychology, politics, economics, law, history, sociology and religion. I am a public speaker and a counselor. I have garnered a lot of experience in life towards pursuit of success, I was able to apply the knowledge and experiences I have gotten to write book of this nature.

The essence of this book is to prepare people with the mindset that will really help them to become successful in life. This book deals with pragmatic issues as well as experience, not based on theories or ideas in the mind.

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The Writers Store – Create An Emotional Connection Through Characters and Story

At a Glance

  • Learn how to build an emotional bond between your audience and your characters and bring greater depth and emotion to your plot
  • Gain an understanding of techniques used by professionals to instantly gain sympathy for your characters
  • Discover how to construct a character arc of your hero or heroine and how this creates the foundation of every great movie

Each registration comes with access to the archived version of the program and the materials for one year. You do not have to attend the live event to get a recording of the presentation. In all webinars, no question goes unanswered. Attendees have the ability to chat with the instructor during the live event and ask questions. You will receive a copy of the webinar presentation in an e-mail that goes out one week after the live event. The answers to questions not covered in the live presentation will be included in this e-mail as well.


The one difference between a great movie and a mediocre one is the amount of emotion an audience feels towards the characters and story. This webinar will deconstruct the ways great screenwriters are able to connect an audience to their characters and their story lines. You will understand how to raise the emotional stakes of your plot and learn the practical tools to instantly get the audience to root for your protagonist and deepen the character relationships in your story.

The webinar will be taught by Glenn M. Benest, award winning screenwriter and one of Los Angeles’ most popular instructors of screenwriting workshops.


  • How to convincingly create a character arc
  • The importance of private moments
  • Techniques for establishing rooting interest
  • The value of having a flawed hero as your protagonist
  • Establishing the emotional stakes of a story
  • How to build in false hopes and setbacks to constantly delay the final victory


  • Writers who want to bring more emotion into their writing
  • Writers who struggle with creating great character arcs
  • Writers who feel there’s something missing in their work
  • Writers who want to break the mold of formulaic writing.
  • Writers who want a new approach to story structure

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  • Date available: 03/25/2014
  • Publication date: 03/25/2014
  • Return policy: This item is not eligible for return.


Meet the Author: Glenn M. Benest

Glenn M. Benest is an award-winning writing producer with seven produced screenplays, including two that were directed by Wes Craven. His independent film, HUNGRY HEARTS, was nominated for numerous awards at film festivals throughout the country and is being distributed internationally by Shoreline Entertainment. Mr. Benest is a celebrated lecturer and instructor and his professional screenwriting workshops have launched six feature films, including SCREAM and EVENT HORIZON.

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