Now available at Editions Dedicaces: « Quentin the Rebel », by Opaline Allandet

ISBN : 978-1-77076-658-7
Format : 120 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Interior Ink : Black & white
Binding : Perfect-bound Paperback

This narrative, which is entirely fictional, takes place in a real historical context: that of the Holy Roman Empire, at the beginning of the thirteenth century. At that time, the empire was torn by incessant civil wars, which were fought between two rival clans over the right to rule.

Godefroy of Lanicey, known as “Godefroy the Cruel,” remarried, taking for his bride Isadora of Willeim. She gave birth to Guillaume, his second son. Godefroy’s son, Quentin—who had left his father three years earlier, because they both loved the same woman, who was then murdered—returned to the Lanicey fortress in 1201. He waged war alongside Othon of Brunswick, while his father supported the rival clan. But his character was beginning to assert himself, and he was behaving more and more like his father. He became powerful, full of himself, and terribly resentful.

Following two prior adventures about the fortress’s inhabitants—which pertain to Godefroy and his son—Quentin embarks for the Fourth Crusade, in the Middle East. This time, the Crusaders are victorious. Quentin returns to his country two years later, bringing with him his new, young bride.

But Godefroy was furious; he refused the marriage, which he had not decided, and threatens to disinherit Quentin, in favor of Guillaume instead. Father and son face each other down once more. Quentin rebels and leaves the fortress, then decides to take revenge…. Read the story to discover what his revenge will be like.


After completing a degree in social work in Dijon, the author worked as a social worker at the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Besançon until 2003. It was at this time that she stopped working so that she could write; literature is her greatest passion. She has written four collections of poetry, published by Éditions Dédicaces, as well as eight novels, of which the most recent, Godefroy the Cruel, was published in 2014. Quentin the Rebel is its sequel.

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The French author Opaline Allandet got a Video Review on The Book Marketing Network, USA

The French author Opaline Allandet got a Video Review for her new book entitled “Godefroy the Cruel” [Editions Dedicaces]. The book review was published on The Book Marketing Network, which has over 9,069 members in United States and Worldwide. Starting today, the video will be shared three times a day for 3 days to 390,500+ followers who follow this three Twitter accounts: Avid Reader‘s Cafe (+99,500 followers), IAN Author Promotion (+149,000 followers) and IndependentAuthorNet (+142,000 followers). 80+% are indie authors.

Born and living in Besançon, France, the author has written since 2001 under the pseudonym “Opaline Allandet”. First freestyle poems, then novels. Three poetry collections have been published by Editions Dedicaces. Her novels, mainly of historical inspiration, were published by Edilivre and two police novels. This book is her sixth historical novel, first published in French by Editions Dedicaces.

About Godefroy the Cruel:

This is an entirely fictional story, but written in a real historical background (the Middle Ages). In 1189, Godefroy of Lanicey, leader of a Burgundian stronghold, left for the Third Crusade in the Middle East, leaving his wife and two children.

When everyone thought him dead, he reappears four years later in his fortress… but another lord had replaced him. Of a ruthless character, he punishes his wife  in a despicable way, then attacks his children. His cruelty generates a void around him, for he can not help himself eliminate the women he loves… Despotic and vindictive, his vengeance towards his own will know no bounds.

[Godefroy le Cruel, translated from French by Caroline Andreea Zgortea]

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Godefroy the Cruel is an excellent book for our imagination, taking us back into the medieval times

CuriousHistoryThe French author Opaline Allandet (born and living in Besançon, France) got a review for her historical fiction entitled “Godefroy the Cruel” on the american website Curious History. This book was first published in French by Editions Dedicaces Inc. It has been translated by Caroline Andreea Zgortea. Curious History is a very credible website which has been mentioned and has links from “Buzz Feed”, “Huffington Post” and other Online Media Giants. The website has about 1000 unique daily visitors. This is a real blog which will give to the book a real SEO boost.

The website Curious History is filled with highly interesting people, places, events, and objects throughout history including the present day. The site is not restricted to any particular time-frame and includes information from all over the World. They do not own the material, the website acts as a curator of the most interesting information available throughout the Internet and books. The site is filled with beautiful photographs, both current and vintage. Once you start looking through the site, sit back, relax, and enjoy your trip through Curious History. Curious History is named one of the 20 best Tumblrs by MSN and 2nd best by Listly.

Here is the Book Review:


Sometimes we just need a way to escape our modern days and seek refuge in a world we never met. “Godefroy the Cruel“, by Opaline Allandet, is an excellent book for our imagination, taking us back into the medieval times. The entire story is fictional since the author did not use any historical facts, excepting the background, where she used some details to enrich the story. The medieval times were a fascinating period, but a very cruel one as well, since people acted more by their free-will, rather than moral ethics that rule our modern society. And when the central character is the head stronghold, it is easy to understand that he will use force and will abuse of his power if anyone betrays him or stains his honor.

Godefroy-the-Cruel_ScribdThe story begins in a wonderful way, showing a brave knight and his lovely wife, worried about his departure for what was to become the third Crusade. It looks more like a romantic story, with heroes and princesses, rather than a violent story. As you read line after line, you feel like departing the reality as well, being caught in the imposing castle of Baron Lanicey. But because duty calls and the strong character of the Lord tells him he has to defend his land, also due to the fact that the pope sent out the orders, has no second thoughts about leaving his family.

Although, he has only one though that bothers him, and that is the fidelity of his beautiful wife. He is both proud, but also aware that having such a splendid woman attracts eyes and envy. So he makes her swear she will remain faithful until his return.

Years pass by, and no news are coming regarding his well-being. Mahaut, the worried baroness, starts to feel the heavy weight of loneliness. At a party thrown by her father, a wealthy earl, met a knight that moved her. First, she was impressed by his appearance. Secondly, he tore her hopes of ever seeing his husband again. Not having any evidences that her lord is either alive or dead, she slowly felt pray to her longing heart, which needed attention and affection. After a three years absence, Godefroy Lanicey returned to his fortress. The guards hardly opened the gates for him, not knowing who he was and also knowing that inside there is another lord, whom they accepted already. After barely passing through, Godefroy rushed to the bedroom of his wife, where he found her staying with her lover, the new lord and knight of the castle. The rage and hatred that follow are hard to describe. The author manages to be very specific, describing in words the atrocities that happened in that castle room. Since then, Godefroy earned the name “the Cruel”, as he constantly felt betrayed and mocked by the entire kingdom.

The story is captivating, and because it is a rather short novel, it can be easily enjoyed while sipping tea. The vocabulary and style take you back to the medieval times, helping you, the reader, be a part of the story and imagine better how things unrolled back then. The book has everything, from courage to love and despair. So in spite its short dimensions, the novel is very complex, filled with extraordinary details.

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