Now available at Editions Dedicaces: « Getting Over Emotional Suffering », by Tony Nwoye

ISBN : 978-1-77076-672-3
Format : 322 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Interior Ink : Black & white
Binding : Perfect-bound Paperback

Life is a two-way thing: one of distress, one of laughter. Sometimes in life, we tend to be in certain situations that make it too difficult to cope.

However, one thing is certain, no matter the pains we go through in life; we have within ourselves capabilities to get over it.

Amongst pains in this life, the most difficult ones are emotional ones. We can live through bodily pains but not emotional distress. Fact about life is that we cannot live without being in certain difficult situations.

Most of the time, those hurtful situations come to pass messages in our lives, to prepare our minds for the task ahead.

Life can be unfair sometimes. Life can be unlivable sometimes, but we should understand that whatever we are passing through would contribute to our well-being.

If we die over that situation, then we become unfit to live. However, if we gather strength from within, stand the gruesomeness of that situation, we will understand life in its deepest, such will teach us things we cannot learn from classroom.

This book focuses on recovering, healing from terrible situations. This work seeks to unravel mysteries of life, teaching us what it means to live truly, being able to cope with any situation however horrible it seems.


I have background in philosophy, psychology, politics, economics, law, history, sociology and religion. I am a public speaker and a counselor. I have garnered a lot of experience in life towards pursuit of success, I was able to apply the knowledge and experiences I have gotten to write book of this nature.

The essence of this book is to prepare people with the mindset that will really help them to become successful in life. This book deals with pragmatic issues as well as experience, not based on theories or ideas in the mind.

PRICE : 16.85 US$

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The American author Mohsen Sharifi received a very good review on Readers’ Favorite, and got 4 stars!


Over the Rainbow by Mohsen Sharifi is inspirational against all the odds that conflict showers on ordinary people. When Saddam Hussein’s chemical warfare against the civilian masses within his own country decimates the population, leaving many traumatized and burned folk in its wake, Hiwa philosophically determines he will survive and succeed, if only to help others overcome the brutal ravages of war.

Hiwa, a little boy caught up in the cruelties and terror of conflict in his homeland Iran, is an example of the power of a positive attitude. For one so young, he empowers others to persevere regardless of their situation. His determination strengthens his own resolve to be worthy of retaining life itself; though many had perished he had survived. He wants to make a difference. He does not know how he will accomplish this feat; he just knows he will find a way. When Dr. Ladan Kamali enters his life, he senses a kindred spirit. He feels safe in her presence. This relationship proves to be a catalyst into a world of his imagination and dreams: a world over the rainbow.

A compelling read. We need more people in the world such as Hiwa, who despite enormous odds against them, overcome and become the strength for those less fortunate weakened and traumatized by war. The deep meanings of the philosophical aspects of the book tended to elude me, although I feel I did grasp some understanding of Mohsen’s intense desire for what is needed to bring about change for the betterment of mankind. Over the Rainbow is very meaningful. Worth the read.

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About Over the Rainbow:

Over-Rainbow_ScribdThis book is a historical and inspirational juvenile fiction which takes place during the Iran-Iraq war in a small village, Sardasht, at the Iran-Kurdish border. Hiwa’s teen-age world of dreams and fantasies has been shattered. The cruel Iran-Iraq war, during the eighties, didn’t even leave a poor little farmer’s boy and his family immune.

The main character, Hiwa, and his sisters are severely injured by the chemical attacks of Saddam Hussein, while his parents perish. Hiwa now has to fight in order, despite tremendous odds, to change his destiny. He wants to leave a positive imprint, not only for his country, Iran, but for the whole world.

Will he succeed? There is no guarantee.

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